The use of art as a therapy by an addict involves a collection of activities which includes drawing of an occurrence during the use of the substance or the ability to paint in order to relieve stress or anxiety that comes with addiction.

The major goal of using art as a therapy is to enable the addict increase the ability to communicate in other to better convey the experience that comes with addiction.

Art therapy also helps the addict to manage past experience and live above the blemish that addiction brings. There are different forms of art therapy which includes painting, sculpting, drawing, jewelry making and so on.

  • Drawing

Drawing which is a major form of art is the ability to use symbols and lines to communicate and express feelings, thoughts and ideas without the use of words. It involves expressing one-self using drawing instruments.

An addict who has a knack for drawing can develop the skills needed and use it to manage anxiety and depression that comes with addiction and direct emotions rather than relying on substance.

Also drawing seems to be one of the most suitable forms of artistic expression because it can be done at any time and any place. There are a lot of tools that can be used to draw and this makes it a very convenient activity to perform.

  • Painting

Painting is known to be a helpful therapeutic activity for those suffering from addiction. It allows the addict bring out all depressing emotions on paper.

Overtime painting has helped restore the dim aspirations and hopes of an addict. Painting helps to influence self-esteem, reduce anxiety and also provide an addict with the ability to develop skills to manage social relationships.

  • Pottery or Sculpting

Sculpting is a wonderful therapeutic process for anyone facing addiction. Although, it is an untidy activity to perform, it is a reflective and meditative activity that helps to deal with various addictive issues. It involves working with various materials like clay, paper or glass to replicate ideas into solid and tangible objects.

  • Jewelry making

Making jewelry is another potential way recommended by therapists to foster the recovery process of addiction. It involves making objects that can help mend the broken connection that an addict normally feel. It helps them focus and work on their reduced self-esteem. Some of the objects that can be created includes beads, necklaces, and earrings and so on

It is also important to note that using art as a therapy sometimes may not effective because not every addict might have a positive response to it. 0

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